You don’t have to be stingy to give your wallet a reason to be thankful | 2021

While the holiday season can be very exciting and magical for children, adults face the expenses of the last couple of months of the year that can put a severe strain on a family’s finances. Whether it’s travel expenses, gifts, food or decorations – it’s easy to take your wallet and credit cards for granted.

Set a holiday budget. Sit down and estimate your vacation expenses. Make a list of all your projected expenses so you’re prepared to spend wisely and avoid post-holiday hangovers. If you have a savings account to cover your vacation expenses, you’re good to go. But, if you need to tap into your savings or worse will put yourself in debt, you need to find some ways to cut your vacation expenses.

Consider making a few changes this year that will take the pressure off your budget and your wallet will thank you when the holidays are over.

Use credit card rewards: If you have a credit card that offers rewards points, try cashing in your points to cover the cost of some of your gifts.

Draw the names: Determine how many people you’re buying for this year as well as how much you’re spending on each gift. You may find that your friends or family will appreciate this gift-buying method.

Shop for bargainsCheck online sites like Ben’s Bargains, DealNews, DealPlus, Slickdeals,, DealCatcher or FatWallet to find the best holiday deals. Also, if you do a lot of online shopping, consider subscribing to Amazon Prime to save money on shipping. The cost of Amazon Prime is annually with free unlimited two-day shipping and the ability to borrow books from a Kindle owners’ lending library. Remember that books are free software for the mind!

Give home made things: You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to be creative and crafty. Homemade gifts can be really meaningful. The time you spend presenting a gift to the recipient shows how much you really care and takes the pressure off your vacation budget.

shop earlyBuying gifts before the peak of the holiday season is an ideal way to avoid reckless spending. Early shopping also facilitates last-minute purchases regardless of price.

Use natural decorations instead of store-bought items: Gather fallen leaves, pinecones, tree branches, or other natural objects to use in centerpieces and mantel decorations.

Be creative with your cover: These clever “do-it-yourself” ideas are sure to impress everyone on your Christmas gift list without breaking the bank. Inexpensive kraft or butcher paper can be used. It creates the perfect blank canvas for painted holiday designs. Tuck a few fresh greenery under the arch for a holiday scent. Did you know that a map can be a fashionable decorating feature? To make the cover even more special, use a map showing the recipient’s place of birth or preferred travel destination. Environmentally friendly can also be wallet friendly. Wrap small gifts in wrapping paper and secure them with pieces of twine or greenery from your own backyard.

Make your holiday dinner unforgettable: Instead of preparing and paying for the whole Eid meal, why not organize a banquet. This will allow your guests to show off their culinary abilities and even share the recipes with all of your guests.

Are you ready to kick off the holiday shopping season? If you take advantage of some of these tips, it will hopefully relieve some stress and help you avoid overspending, while keeping your budget intact. Your wallet will thank you.

Source by Patrick Redo

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