Transformers Games – Top 3 Most Wanted Transformers for Christmas | 2021

new transformers moviemoon darkness, These anthropomorphic toys propelled the “Top Toys for Boys” Christmas list of 2011 and also introduced plenty of new characters for kids to add to their collection. With so many toy options available, your gift shopping will be easier if you know which of the Transformers characters are the best-selling and most sought after. kids transformers Everywhere. These three are currently bestsellers at Toys r’ Us and

#1 – Optimus Prime Transformers Figure

Leader of Earth Defenders of the MechTech Voyager class – Optimus Prime is the most requested Transformers game, and also the most versatile. The standard 10-inch model that converts to a semi-tinted truck tractor, digger is the best-selling model, but it also comes in sizes up to a 22-inch Electronic Ultimate Optimus Prime, and kits that include an Optimus trailer that converts into Omega Combat Armor — making a great combo ready to hit the road. Battle wherever the Decepticons strike.

#2 – Bumblebee Transformers Character

The Bumble Bee Transformer transforms into an adorable yellow Camaro with broad black racing stripes, and hits all the exciting buttons for little boys. First, she attracts them with her strong, racy appearance, then the combination of her great firepower and never-stop attitude (from the movie), is what seals the deal. Unless the boy himself imagines him as the hard-fighting hero, he is brought down, and then rises again to save the day. With his long history of protecting Earth and perfecting his fighting abilities, he’s considered the most combat-capable Autobots in the series, also available as Battle-Ops Bumble Bee – with sounds that include acceleration engine sounds and different battle phrases that can be unlocked when he wins against Decepticon opponents. This Battle-Ops version includes new weapons and combat abilities that improve his performance against Decepticon enemies. This Transformers action figure races from zooming around movie scenes to the second* The most popular Transformers action figure.

#3 – Megatron, the character of the Decepticon the leader of the Transformers

Every hero must have a villain, and Megatron is the ultimate enemy. As the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron is the archenemy of both Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee. This Transformers toy transforms into a military-looking Mack truck and platform trailer, and his exploding cannon also transforms into a more powerful fusion cannon. You don’t have to watch the movie to imagine the fierce battle scenes in which the boys will emerge as two semi-platformers, (Optimus and Megatron), go head-to-head in the fight for Earth.

Although these are the best Transformers game options, there are plenty of skins and accessories available for your Transformers-kid set.

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