The strange shift from TV to watching TV | 2021

The past decade has seen a shift in entertainment from regular TVs to streaming apps – our Catch-Up TV. This move has changed the way we watch TV shows by providing unlimited access to all our entertainment needs.

Say no to downloading or recording:

Cloud streaming made it possible to view all your favorite shows either for free with some apps or for a small monthly subscription fee in others. Therefore, the need to have a digitally recorded or downloaded copy of everything shifted to cloud streaming, which solved the problem of limited local storage.

Appearance of “wire cutters”:

Cloud Streaming apps have brought a new trend in media consumption with tech companies trying to attract millions of “wire cutters.” The new generation has eliminated the use of cable for services that broadcast live TV channels over the Internet.

TV broadcasting services:

Catch-Up TV services allow you to watch TV shows after they are on the air, without actually registering or downloading the program. Over the years, catch-up quality has evolved and currently, 60% of programs broadcast on national free-to-air channels are available for replay.

Streaming movies and TV shows

Some streaming services cater to both movies and TV shows, such as; Netflix and Amazon Prime. It is accessible on most Smart TVs and will allow you to stream HD content of your choice. However, with its premium services and accessibility on all devices, Netflix appears to be winning the battlefield in terms of quality and availability. Hulu’s new live TV streaming service and YouTube TV platform are now coming to the scene with their services as well.

The emergence of smart TV to support cloud broadcasting:

Smart TV gives you apps – all ready to access Catch-Up TV; Like iPlayer, Amazon Instant Video, and Netflix. Some Smart TVs provide access to 3D video streaming in addition to Ultra HD video streaming. They have opened a way to a whole new world of TV viewing and entertainment by reducing your dependence on the broadcast schedules of your favorite shows.

Instant and mobile access:

The best part about Catch-Up TV is that you can access your favorite content on all devices like; TV, computer, smartphone and tablet. Youth-oriented programs dominate the most successful lineups of reboots, and mobile phone screens have become the most used device for consuming online television.

Reduced expenses:

Television broadcasting became expensive and most of its content was wasted. Cloud broadcasting gives us the option to cast TV on demand. It will provide us with better options and a varied choice of content to be consumed.

The future is in the cloud:

The future is looking forward to more demanding service from Catch-Up TV and our Smart TVs. We want the service provider to be able to offer a wide range of services on TV or the Internet. Online access to TV shows is expected to increase and hopefully reduce piracy. With live broadcasts coming into the picture – the risk of spoilers also decreases.

Source by Richa Vani

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