The Farmers Insurance Agency offers tips to help ensure financial health | 2021

An insurance agent and philanthropist in Omaha suggests the following to ensure financial health for the next year and beyond:

  • Set a budget and stick to it. Start by making two columns, one for expenses and one for income, and combine them. Whether or not you make as much money as you spend, see where you can cut corners, like luxuries, pay down debt and increase savings

  • Add line items to your budget like taxes, savings, college money, and vacations

  • Add financial goals to your daily calendar, such as paying off student loans by a certain time. Consider paying off the largest balances first and try to transfer the outstanding balances to accounts with a lower interest rate

  • Frequently review credit card records and bank records to ensure transactions are accurate and see where you can cut back on spending

  • Pay credit card bills in full, chop up cards you don’t need and try to use cash whenever possible

  • Take advantage of programs by business such as discounts on phones, computers and fitness membershipعضو

  • When shopping, buy in bulk, clip coupons, find sales, shop, buy general brand or store and stick to shopping list

  • At home, use a programmable thermostat, evaluate the air system to find holes that need repairing, get rid of the house phone and assemble your cell phone plan into a family plan

  • Take care of your car’s engine and tires to save gas and repair

  • See if there are any additional expenses you can cut out, like ditching cable and switching to Netflix or Hulu for a small monthly price. Some subscriptions like Amazon Prime already come with TV and video included.

Some of these tips may seem like big changes, but once you start making these changes and seeing results, they become daily/monthly habits. Exercise

Through hard work, dedication, and enthusiastically and professionally attending to clients’ needs, Manley and his small team at Farmers Insurance Agency in Omaha, Nebraska have developed the agency into the largest farmers’ insurance agency in the state. His agency is also the second largest in the entire Farmers Insurance District.

Manley’s community service includes the Siena/Francis House Support, Restoration Exchange, Homeward Bound Animal Rescue, Ronald McDonald House, and The Stephen Center.

Call him at (402) 391-1656 and he will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Source by Mick Manley

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