Taming your dreaded tantrums | 2021

The bad twos can be a stressful time for everyone and it seems that young children start when their mothers are busiest we have all seen the dreaded tantrums young children can often have in public with their poor mothers trying to fit in as best they can. Well, it happens to all of us sometimes but oftentimes it can be prevented. Now your child is developing rapidly and becoming a very small character, on the good days a bunch of mischief, on the bad days, a frustrating tornado!

My first child was a very happy and calm kid, but at times I could see how frustrating she was. With not enough knowledge or language to communicate fully, but a desire to demonstrate their independence. I created a simple solution that often prevented problems, frustration, and conflict.

I began to offer two options where this was not important to me, for example when dressing: “Which arm do we put first, right or left”? I loved the game, and we ended up laughing, much better than the tears and frustration; As I taught her left from her right. When asked in a fun and relaxing way, this can become a game that can span many areas, it is also an educational opportunity with a solution. The child feels they have some control, which they craves at this point in their development, and the heat is taken out of the conflict. Since then I’ve seen this method listed as ‘Options’ as an official parental method, but I came across it by accident, just looking for a solution.

Talking to kids while shopping is fun for both of you as they get older, it keeps them from getting bored and makes your trip easier and more enjoyable for everyone. For example, “Can you see tomatoes” or “Let’s count 6 carrots”, it only takes moments but makes shopping happy. Children who are stimulated are more likely to enjoy shopping trips and less likely to develop boredom, anxiety, and tantrums. It also becomes a learning stand which is an added bonus. If possible, don’t take shopping trips when your child is tired or hungry and try to engage him in the conversation.

I hope these suggestions will give you some ideas and make your life and shopping trips more enjoyable. You will notice an amazing difference in your child and the cooperation you will get. Your little one will become more involved, enjoy shopping, and find him less stressful.

Source by Anne O’Dwyer

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