Pros and Cons of Online Business | 2021

Website sales have become so popular that other retailers, even those one would never think would take the online approach, have come online. A recent example of this is, of course, giant retailers such as Walmart, who are now competing with Amazon rather than with them. Amazon recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with “huge” sales for Amazon Prime Day. Walmart responded by starting its own sales and making them last longer than Amazon’s Prime Day. Other examples, some unconventional, include pizza companies that are now allowing consumers to go online, buy products using their computers, and even keep track of them.

Even looking back a decade, we’d travel to local video stores to rent movies we wanted to see. That slowly shifted as films arrived by mail. This idea quickly moved into online ways to watch new TV and movies. With the advent of Netflix, an online movie provider, it has put a lot of small businesses out of business, but at the same time it has made our lives a lot easier. We no longer have to go to the video store to look for movies, we no longer have to remember to return the actual copy, and we no longer have to worry about late fees. All this was fixed by the advent of online video business.

The advent of online businesses has saved a lot of money for consumers which is why we have adopted it so well. It is easier to access the information we need than to search ads on paper or even in newspapers. Now we just google anything we search and we will find many possible purchase options.

With this, it is easy to compare the prices of each store and get the cheapest price back to Amazon, if we want to match the price, or just buy from the site we saw it. This is not a problem as most websites on the internet offer free shipping if we are willing to wait a bit, with some websites offering discounts for becoming members. Online business has changed a lot of elements in our lives as a consumer viewpoint and with continued innovations we are moving forward in a direction that will only get better. As of now Amazon is testing one-day delivery, more stores are being added to their price-matching policy, and new items (like food) are being introduced more widely. It’s unbelievable to see how far we’ve come since online retailers have emerged in such a short time, it will be amazing to see where we go.

Source by Dipak Majumder

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