Maternal blues and postpartum depression | 2021

After your baby is born, you will likely feel tired after sleepless nights. Also, your body has gone through a lot of ordeal carrying a baby for 9 months followed by labor to deliver. Maybe you’ve had a prolonged labour, or you may be feeling anxious and wondering how you’re going to handle that helpless little bundle. Perhaps you are worried that you will not bond with your child automatically. Besides these fears, your hormones are causing riots in your body that can make you cry for no reason. This usually passes very quickly and you will really start to enjoy motherhood but if it continues or you are concerned, speak to your health visitor or doctor for advice.

Accept help from family and friends but tell them what will really help you. Maybe it’s babysitting while you sleep, from a trusted friend, vacuuming, or shopping. Also share your feelings with your partner, they will probably be happy to help and support you, if you tell them what might help you the most. He may be unsure of what to do and feel a little left out. Share your problems and you will build a stronger relationship.

Sometimes instead of improving postpartum depression. This can be anything from 2-8 weeks after birth or even a year. If this happens and you find your symptoms getting worse, seek help. Postpartum depression can include deep anxiety and feelings of helplessness. They can include panic attacks, palpitations, and a general feeling of hopelessness. It seems unclear why some pregnancies end this way, as it can affect mothers With many children, but only one child may be causing a problem.

Try to engage with your child and respond to his smiles by smiling and talking to him calmly. If you focus on his needs you may find him helping you and he will definitely help him. All children need the love and connection of their parents to be happy and thrive. If you need help don’t deal with it alone; See a professional. Also go out and get to know others mothers In the children’s group can help. You will enjoy the company and may make new friends.

I am sure you will feel better soon. Your anxious moments will subside so you can really start enjoying caring for your new family member.

Source by Anne O’Dwyer

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