\ “In the lead up to Prime Day, Amazon Ramp Up Room Offers 2-hour Delivery” | 2021

With up to 67 Fulfillment Centers (FC) in 13 states in India, and a storage capacity of over 20 million cubic feet, Amazon India says it now has the largest storage capacity among all the e-commerce companies in the country.

Apart from that, the company has created a whole new wing of advanced logistics providers, which are basically small scale warehouses within a city for quick two-hour delivery. Amazon now has 17,500 “I Have Space” stores across 225 cities and 350 service partners in 320 cities.

Subsidized back-end logistics will help the company when it launches its global 36-hour sale exclusively for its “Prime” members on July 16.
Prime Day is Amazon’s leading global event created for over 100 million Prime members in 17 countries, including India. This year, Amazon has added countries like the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Australia and Singapore to its list of places to be.

“Prime members in India can enjoy more than 200 exclusive product launches, thousands of deals at the lowest prices of the year, and launch of popular entertainment on Prime Video and Amazon PrimeMusic,” said Amit Agarwal, Senior Vice President and Country Manager, Amazon India. The company has a total of 340,000 sellers across the country.

According to industry experts, Amazon India may, by the end of this year, occupy more than 30 million square feet of real estate in the country. According to sources, its biggest competitor, Flipkart, has about 41 repositories. Officially, the company has not revealed how many warehouses it has in India.

Amazon follows a mixed model of real estate ownership that includes spaces to rent and buy. Insiders believe that Amazon may soon be on par with some of India’s largest software companies in terms of property purchases.

Some time ago, the American retail giant started setting up small scale warehouses in Indian cities to launch faster deliveries. On Prime Day, the company will launch a two-hour express delivery service on the back of its “I Have Space” warehouses.

“This program handles a large proportion of our massive logistics volumes in small towns and metro cities in India,” the company said. Under the program, local store owners are required to deliver products within a 2-4km radius of their stores, which also double as pickup points for customers residing in the neighborhood. On average, partner stores deliver about 30 packages per day, while you earn a fixed amount per delivery in return.

Experts believe that the next stage of expansion will come from taking up space for new data centers. In 2016, Amazon launched its first batch of Indian data centers in Mumbai to cater to cloud computing services.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) plans to take up more space to build data centers. Currently, it has more than 80,000 companies using the AWS cloud. Amazon, which has nearly 50,000 employees in India, is rapidly expanding its office space.

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