How to take advantage of Kindle Unlimited to market your books | 2021

Whether you’re a seasoned author who’s already generating sales and new readers, or you’re dipping your toes into the sheer waters of the self-publishing industry, the idea of ​​making your books available through Kindle Unlimited (KU) has no doubt come to your mind.

The real questions are, should you or not?

Is there an obvious advantage to you, the author, in using this service? Because let’s be honest, your main goals be To get an offer for your business And the Earn a living while doing this.

With that in mind, let’s discuss how you can effectively market your books by taking advantage of the Kindle Unlimited platform, along with the pros and cons of using KU versus a broader distribution strategy.

What is Kindle Unlimited?

If you didn’t already know, Kindle Unlimited is a subscription-based service offered by Amazon that allows readers (Prime and others) to access their entire inventory of KU books for a low monthly fee.

At less than $10 a month, it’s easy to see why Kindle Unlimited has earned the reputation of “Netflix” for books!

But wait a minute… $10 a month for unlimited access to All Who wrote them!? If you are wondering who makes money from this arrangement else From Amazon, you’ll be in good company.

Authors all over the world have been scratching their heads and fretting about subscribing to Kindle Unlimited because they are unsure of its long-term benefits or potential drawbacks.

Pros and cons of using KU versus using a wider distribution

There are many pros and cons that go along with using KU versus broader distribution options, or doing just the opposite.


  • Increases access to your books Amazon has at least a fifty percent market share in the US and UK when it comes to digital book sales. This is very important. Kindle’s best-selling e-readers, tablets and apps, plus Amazon’s amazing e-commerce platform and knack for converting browsers into buyers are what drives this phenomenon. It is increasing every year.

Bottom line? Showing your books on Amazon increases the likelihood that they will be found and read by more people.

  • You can access e-commerce tools from Amazon The Amazon team is good at getting consumers to buy, and it’s no different when marketing digital books.

Through their KU program, you get access to unique promotional tools like Kindle countdown deals and free book promotion, which help boost your readers and launch your new titles to success.

  • You earn royalties for ever reading the page – Unlike traditional book sales where the customer buys your book and you get a one-time payment, KU authors get a small royalty for every page read of every book.

Yes, you probably won’t win millions, but every penny accumulates.


  • Exclusive title of your book with Kuwait University – You read correctly. If you decide to promote a book with Kindle Unlimited, you cannot promote that title anywhere else.

You are bound by Amazon’s KU for 90 days, after which, you have the option to renew your contract.

  • Low profit potential محتمل Unless you’re in the top percentage of Kindle Unlimited book publishers, you shouldn’t expect to get huge property checks.

The vast majority of self-published authors find that the potential to earn per book is much higher on other platforms as compared to KU.

It seems the program will love it more than we hate it.

But is it wise to put all your eggs in one basket and get exclusive titles for Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited? Is there a benefit in signing up even if the chance of getting big royalties is slim?

Answer: Yes and No, according to Marketing strategy.

How to use Kuwait University to sell more books

We’ve already mentioned that Amazon has the lion’s share of the digital book market, but one thing you might not know is that KY customers are not regular readers.

The average person who signs up for a subscription service like Kindle Unlimited is best described using one word: gluttonous!

think about it.

Who else will participate in Unlimited Supplying books every month? Someone who is not satisfied with the written word and has the potential to turn into a very loyal reader, if given a good reason!

Marketing experts all over the world have used the “Free Offer” angle to connect new users with their products and services for decades. Some examples are, free samples offered at wholesale clubs, free software trials and free content given to get new subscribers to email lists.

Surprisingly enough, this strategy works amazingly for e-books too, especially if you’re new to the game and haven’t made a name for yourself among the readers.

If you are looking at Kindle Unlimited as a starting point for your career in self-publishing, it can be a real advantage. The key is not to have all of your books available there, but just a few of your best books ever.

Why is your best job?

Because, if a reader comes across one of your books, you want them to be so excited, exhilarated, and addicted that they have no choice but to go out and buy additional titles if they want more. How is that to encourage?

Even an exceptionally written and presented single book presented on the Kuwait University platform has the power to take you from completely unknown to prominent among your target audience, literally overnight.

But what if you are an established self-publisher and already have a significant following?

If you’re already known and enjoy lucrative digital book sales, Kindle Unlimited may not be an essential aspect to increasing your readership (although it wouldn’t hurt).

On the other hand, by not publishing at least one title on the platform, you may lose great marketing potential (don’t worry, you can always use a pseudonym).

Lindsay Buroker, one author who earns a full-time income for her work, attributes anywhere between 85-90% of her income to using the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and Kindle Unlimited platforms. In contrast, her other book titles are spread across seven alternative platforms that collectively bring in the remaining 10-15%.

In her case, mathematics is undeniable.

But the only way to know how it will work for you is to choose a few titles, sign up for your Amazon KU account and see what happens.

Risks of avoiding wide distribution

No matter how you feel about Amazon, the truth is that it is one of the largest book distributors worldwide. While it would be a huge mistake to leave them out of your plans for marketing and distributing self-published titles, full exclusivity can be just as annoying.

While it can be very effective, as with most things, there is one caveat to using Kindle Unlimited exclusively to market your brand.

While Amazon has the majority of readers, you lose millions of readers on other platforms like Apple’s iBookstore, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and more.

For this reason alone, it is never recommended to use any one distribution and promotion strategy. Instead, focus on using KU to promote some of your best books to gain exposure and new readers that only Amazon can offer, and put the rest of your books up for sale on any platform and in any format that results in sales and job earnings.

Although Kindle Unlimited isn’t right for every author, it’s worth investigating as part of a multi-strategy book marketing plan.

Source by Amy Harrop

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