How To Handle Women Like A True Player

How To Maintain A Woman’s Interest… For Days And Weeks

Technique #1: Planting The Seedling the seed is defined as mentioning something now, and capitalizing on it later; If you want to make a woman feel like she’s about to be treated to something special, learn how to plant a seed. If I’m having coffee with a young lady, I will turn the conversation to my plan: steak, for example. Somehow I’ll work it into the conversation and mention the fabulous new steak place in town that got great reviews. A few days later I’ll remind her about the steak place we discussed and ask her if she wants to go. The seed I planted created the intrigue, now it’s time to capitalize on the notion. The seed you plant can apply to movies, bars, book signings, beaches, or live music. The key is to weave it into conversation, don’t let on to the fact that an invitation is pending, but later return to the idea now that you’ve created its own wonderful reputation.

How NOT To Get Played By Women

Technique #2: Identify the Loophole Language Player does not get played.

When A Player is playing he needs to keep his ducks in a row. It’s tough to work out a strategy with women that are always looking for the bigger and better deal, hedging their bets, and flaking at the last minute. Here are some examples of loophole language:I guessSure, maybeCan I give you a definite maybe?Sure, call meLet’s touch base later and see where we areIf she asks, who’s going to the party, if will there be food or if she can meet you there but possibly leave early to meet a girlfriend who’s in from Toledo, she’s qualifying the entire night—in other words, spending time with you is okay, but not unless the rest of the evening meets her criteria. Why should she be able to bail out if the food doesn’t sound good? The loopholes in her language provide the option to jump ship.If you sense a hedge, give her a deadline. When you say, ―The party’s on Saturday night, you wanna go?‖ And she asks, ―Can I let you know Saturday afternoon? I may be going to Europe for six months to take singing lessons,

you’ll know she’s lying and may grab you as a last-minute resource. You can’t take that risk. Tell her you’d like a definitive answer by Thursday or you won’t go—and of course you’ll go, only with someone else. If she can’t be fair and honest up front, she should suffer the consequences: an evening tucked at home eating rice cakes watching Malcolm in the Middle while the rest of the single world is having a grand old time.

How To Appear Classy In Front Of Your Woman

Technique #3: Never Talk About Price

when you’re in the presence of a woman and want to avoid the perception that you’re a chump, never talk price. I don’t care if you are looking at a menu that offers $75 chicken fingers or $1 Remy Martin snifters, keep your yap shut. The mention of price kills any semblance of romance and joie de vivre, and sensitizes those around you to their spendthrift habits. I had dinner at a bar last week with a young lady and there threeguys a couple of barstools away. We sat on the side angle of the bar with a full view of them and the other patrons. When their check arrived, they circled it the way cats gather around a rubber mouse. There was a lot of whispering, pointing, and one guy moved the check toward a candle on the bar for a closer look.

Here are a few things to avoid:

  • Don’t reach for a pen and do quick math on a cocktail napkin
  • Don’t use a wallet calculator
  • Don’t push your glasses to the end of your nose as if reviewing a tax return
  • Don’t ask “What’s 14 per cent of one-eighty?”
  • Never say “I don’t tip on the tax.”

The three cheapskates that haggled over their check actually made audible noises:

  • “I only ate one of the stuffed mushrooms”
  • “He said the Heineken was on the house.”
  • “Who ordered the broccoli?”
  • “I never carry cash, but I have a debit card.”
  • “Let me get yours now and you can pay me back when we get to the house.”

Meanwhile, two women stood behind them impatiently waiting for their barstools and two much-deserved cocktails. These are the same kind of guys that jog through a trade show with coffee cups and pens yelling, ―Look at all this free stuff!‖ If you mention to your date ―for fifteen bucks a martini you should get as many olives as you want,‖ she will feel obligated to suck the olives dry because the pimento is probably worth two bucks. We know the food is expensive, we know the pens are free, but keep your thoughts private and never talkprice.

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