How to create an innovative mindset | 2021

If you are like the majority of business owners, you know the importance of developing and/or promoting a unique product or service and improving an existing process or procedure.

What’s also true is, if you’re like most of the company principles you have, or spend most, if not all of your time managing and supervising the parts of your business that have to do with monitoring and tracking efficiencies within your company.

While nothing is wrong or misplaced, constant attention to these aspects of your business goes against an innovation mindset.

The good news is that you can retrain your mind and redirect your gaze to include the different aspects of innovation.

The difference between business and innovation mindset

In general, the traditional business mindset is always looking to improve the quality of products, services and processes. On the other end of the spectrum, the innovative mindset is making mandates for new and better ways of doing business.

Another difference is that a traditional business leader can become myopic with a primary focus on the correctness of the next quarter’s results, while an innovation mindset looks at the longer term.

A traditional old business problem solver identifies problems, recognizes solutions, examines options intently and then decides which one to use.

On the other hand, the innovative problem solver insists that you first understand the problem in depth using deep analysis and through the use of understanding, which may seem confusing when comparing each methodology side by side.

Modify your Perspectives

When you are in a leadership position, it is essential that you are flexible and be able to use both the traditional or innovative approach to management as well as the decision-making processes.

The traditional method will still work for a number of problems and you can apply a traditional solution in these cases. However, an innovative approach to problem solving should be used in cases where the problem or challenge tends to be indeterminate and, in practice, is a complex problem with high outcomes.

By using an innovative mindset, you will inevitably discover insights that will radically change your view of the solutions available when addressing possible solutions.

While traditional and business mindsets seem very different, innovation can be managed to a large extent in a predictable manner.

Treat innovation like any other part of your business. In other words, you can follow the breakdown and set specific goals, objectives, and a viable process to achieve them. Next, designate someone to be responsible and hold that person accountable.

When setting goals, remember that the focus of goals is on inputs, not outputs, as outputs are inherently unpredictable. The process will require you to manage your team with the intent of achieving results effectively.

The conclusion is:

Traditional and innovative leadership practices can coexist. By adapting this approach, you can help build a truly prosperous and exciting future for your organization.

Source by Jon Allo

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