How do social media companies make money?

Our talk today about #social networks? There are many questions about it. The most prominent questions are: How do social media companies make money? Is it dangerous for users ?! Do they pose a threat to the future ?! 🤔 In the beginning, you must know that we are in a very sensitive period! It is also important that we are all aware!

How do social media companies make money? The answer is simple: Through advertisements and investing data and information about users, there is a beautiful saying that says, “If you do not pay for the value of the product, then you are the product.” In fact, we do not pay anything to use their platforms, we only give them the “time” !! .. Continued

Haitham, do they trade our time ?! Yes, but what is the simplicity that you expect! Think with me if their product “our time” is what it means they will do anything to be on their platforms for longer periods! And in order to succeed in this, they must accurately anticipate our behavior, and in order to predict our behavior they need very much and accurate data about us! … Continued

It is important for everyone to know that everything feminine on the Internet is monitored, analyzed and measured! Every feminist thing is stored with them as accurately as you can imagine! They store every click to like a specific post! How many seconds do you sit on each tweet or picture! The words you are looking for !! …Continued

They know all our psychological state and its fluctuations! They know when people feel lonely! Or when we remember someone together! Or if we are watching someone with love or anger! Our conversation style! The nature of the words that we use! They have information about us in some way we can never imagine! # Unbelievable and unimaginable size data ! They are all stored! .. Continued

This big data is computerized, analyzed and measured by artificial intelligence, and the goal is to create #digit models for each of us! Yes, making a digital copy for everyone of us! They build us models that anticipate our actions! Whoever has the best template wins the most ads and gets support! 😮 very terrifying! .. Continued

After they make models of us, they can expect our behavior! Accredited by # Alzca_astnaaa be able to anticipate exactly Xu look at every moment !! These expectations are for everyone of us! They feed you with constant content to keep you using their platform! And she continues to give them time and sell it to advertisers !! … Continued

Haitham, what is a problem with giving them a time that does not harm us? Do not hurry, dear, it does not stop to this extent! In fact, they are taking advantage of the weaknesses in our awareness and the weaknesses in our minds! And they use psychology to reveal and enhance it! Just to keep browsing on their platforms! Waste your time with them! … Continued

And also try to cultivate habits that are far from our awareness! So that we continue to use their platforms! And I expect some of us to notice that unconsciously enter Twitter or Snap, surf quickly and exit! 🤔 And if you did not settle this haha, they will force you to send a notice about a certain topic on the platform that you were hovering about! Thus, I return you to the stage .. Continue

This is easy !! They have hackers specializing in hacking people psychology! Do you know what does this mean? I mean, they penetrate our consciousness and appear to #MayTip us! And exploiting our weaknesses and strengthening them! And moving it in specific directions and for a specific content, and with a specific orientation … etc! Just get addiction! …Continued

What mentioned social networks before 2009, social media platforms were based on being only communication tools that make money from direct ads! But they developed them after 2009 to be #People manipulation and addiction platforms with the help of # AI … continued

They deliberately forced us to become addicted to their use, and the reason I said earlier is to increase users’ time on their platforms and sell it to advertisers! Or others! The question is who will win? Will you surrender your awareness to them and they will continue to feed you with the content they want! Or you cut the rope between your consciousness and their manipulation … it continues

There is a greater risk after # addiction! The start of a group of former managers in some social media platforms, warning of the danger that these companies currently lack the ethics of managing and benefiting from information! In fact, it may be used against countries, organizations and individuals! …Continued

And it is more than such! # Tristan_hurst, a former Google employee, said very terrifying words! He says it seems that they have lost control of their systems and artificial intelligence, and have become feeding individuals with incorrect information! And rumors spread due to a real deformation in their systems! …Continued

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