Care protection and survival | 2021

I am currently looking after and taking care of a 99 year old, while protecting from this dreaded virus. I have to say the group makes it the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

I have survived 3 marriages and their traumas. A family has grown up on their own without alimony and support. He survived injuries, fractures and the ups and downs of life but that’s something else.

Being closed off without mental space, support, or relaxation is never ending and extremely difficult. Especially as we are now told it will last longer.

My soulmate is a spirited lady who believes that the world revolves around her and her desires and requirements, mostly to the exclusion of everything else. Her hair that is usually beautifully kept with the help of her hairdresser is her biggest bug, and her hair, for that matter! The house is constantly filled with the fumes of her hair spray, which is of no use to the condition of my lungs.

Unfortunately her feet are also painful like chiropractic specialist She is unable to visit at the moment, which is difficult for her with poor eyesight, poor balance and severe deafness. She refuses to even think about the speaker, which leaves me hoarse At the end of the day you try to communicate, as it often is make mistake What you said.

While I want the best for her and give her the happiest end of her life; Because she was in dire need of not going home like so many old people. The commitment required is huge; It’s not as easy as you think. She became even more difficult than a year ago when she was in her apartment, and at the same time defiant and vulnerable, perhaps due to the feeling of a loss of control over her life and situations.

I must say for her age she is healthy and has a good appetite, but of course she has her set menus that she likes, and definitely good plain food, and for me I guess I can shop locally, if products have the wrong manufacturer label on them is a constant reason to evacuation!

So folks, whatever your good intentions, before you think that you would do the right thing for your elderly relative, something you would love to do to help them and give them the love and support they need at the end of their lives, think about whether you have enough stamina. Think carefully because it is much more difficult than you think. You are on call 24/7, and if they fall, you need physical strength, hold them, or watch them on the ground until help arrives or the ambulance arrives.

Well done to all of them caregivers There, I’m thinking of you!

Source by Anne O’Dwyer

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