Building A Story Brand book in 10 points

Today I will summarize the Building A Story Brand book in points as the owner of a design studio that specializes in building identities. I was looking for books to help me communicate the message of my establishment to my clients, so I chose this book that follows the narrative style of writing the letter. Mvdiltkm ️👇🏻 ♥ @DesMeet

1️⃣ Many companies spend huge money on marketing their products, but unfortunately they get unsatisfactory results, so companies begin to question the quality of their products, but what if the problem is not in the product itself, but in the way the company talks about the product? 🧐2️⃣ The human mind from ancient times until now has been concerned with two things: 1. Survival and prosperity / growth (in our time it means making money, social relationships ..) 2. Saving calories (mental processes such as analyzing complex information also burn these calories) * If you do not take into account The company’s message These matters will not be addressed by anyone3️⃣ The writer’s goal is to convert complex corporate messages into 7 simple and understandable messages by following the story style. Most stories follow 7 principles to form the plot: “A character> has a problem> meets a mentor> who gives them a plan> and invites them to do> who helps them avoid failure> and achieves a successful end for them. ‘Principles in detail

4️⃣ 1) Personality: the customer is the hero, not your brand 🦸‍♂️ What does the personality need and is related to your product or service? This principle is based on what you mentioned earlier, so choose a desire related to their survival, such as: saving money and time, building relationships, gaining social status, for example: “We help you to become everyone’s favorite leader.”5️⃣ 2) Has a problem: customers buy products for personal internal solutions Who is the enemy in your customers’ story? Such as: a customer of the enemy car company Tesla: late technology External problem: I need an interior car: I want to be one of the first users of modern technology Philosophy: My choice of Tesla helps me protect the environment6️⃣ 3) Meet a mentor: Customers are not looking for another hero, but rather are looking for a mentor. Two important qualities that the guide possesses are: 1. Kindness: Empathy for your customers’ problems will win you their trust 2. Wise authority: Your authority is shown by four things: customer reviews, statistics, rewards, and the logos of those you worked with.7️⃣4) Who gives them a plan: Customers trust the guide who has a plan 🙋‍♂️ The plan gives customers clarity and removes the risk factor from dealing with your company Example: 1. Try the car 2. Buy the car 3. Enjoy lifelong car maintenance8️⃣ 5) And he calls them to action: Customers will do nothing unless you challenge them 🤷‍♂️ Ask them to buy the product. Your customers are surrounded by advertisements all day long and if you are not bold in your request they will not pay attention to you There are two types of CTA (call to action) 1. Direct> order now 2. Transfer> Try the product, download the first chapter of the book9️⃣ 6) Which helps them avoid failure: Every human being tries to avoid a tragic end What negative consequences will the customer face if he does not use your product? Example: a summer camp for children (the consequences of not sending children to them): – a long and boring summer – a group of children roaring at home – regret missing out on summer vacation🔟 7) And achieve a successful ending: Never expect people to realize that your sign will change their lives. Tell them 🗣 Explain to your customers the success you will help them achieve when using your product, such as: stress relief, self-acceptance, gaining statusI hope you like the summary and I advise you to read the book because it is full of examples and tools for implementation 😃 The book is not available in Jarir and Jamalon, but you can buy a paper copy or Kindle from Amazon Thank you for watching and wishing you a happy weekend 🌹

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