BT Mobile review 2022: why it's our overall best-rated network

Having joined BT Mobile as a real customer, we think they offer the best combo of coverage, speeds and deal pricing. Here’s the full story. Last updated: 8th March 2022.

We rates BT Mobile as an excellent provider

“The reason to join BT Mobile is pretty clear. They offer unbeatable 4G speeds, unbeatable 4G coverage and all the network features of a main operator you’d expect, like WiFi calling and 4G calling.
They even go better than their hosts EE by having a massive WiFi hotspot network to fall back on. BT also seem to have got to grips with a record of poor customer service.
BT also have some decent extras. People will appreciate getting BT Sport app access on premium plans. But more will benefit from BT’s Family Plans, which are one of the best on the market.
You’re not getting rock bottom prices. And you do need BT broadband to make their plan costs realistic. But it’s not a low-end experience. BT Mobile’s a premium-quality product at fair prices.”
The 3 best bits
1) Coverage, speeds and WiFi calling
2) Kept inclusive EU roaming
3) Decent Family Plans
The 3 worst bits
1) Clunky automatic free WiFi app
2) Lacking any unique extra benefits
3) Phone contracts not competitive

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