Becoming a new parent during Covid | 2021

covid, covid It’s all we’re hearing at the moment, it seems like he keeps breaking the news morning and night. It changed everyone’s life. Family life has been disrupted, businesses destroyed, schools closed, and parents left to deal with homeschooling, while in many cases trying to work from home.

Job losses have caused incredible suffering, and food banks have become a way of life for many, especially in deprived areas where high-rise apartments multiply the difficulties of parenting. The lack of indoor and outdoor space makes it difficult for families to acclimatize. Depression and loneliness are common.

Only recently there have been many new mothers On TV they talk about the isolation they felt during childbearing. Not only were they afraid of contracting the virus and protecting their babies before and after birth, especially during hospital visits, but they also felt lonely due to having to attend a checkup and the birth on their own.

Corona virus disease It was a burden to everyone and will continue to interfere in our lives for months or possibly years to come. But for the new mothers If you make those first months more difficult without help and guidance or family members due to the lockdown.

Imagine… while closing the front door enter the horror. You’re alone with your new baby, you’re sleep-deprived and anxious. The baby blues is raging and you feel terrified because you don’t know the answers and you turn your mind to mush…

Will the answers to the following situations help you?

  • How to Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed in the Early Days of Raising Kids

  • How to make bath time safe and stress-free when you are feeling stressed and your baby is wet and slippery.

  • Easy step-by-step, stress-free training in days, not weeks plus 3 reasons why it’s best to delay potty training.

  • How to achieve a smooth bedtime routine with happy kids and no tears.

  • How to avoid tantrums and deal with those you can’t avoid.

  • The simple way to prevent brothers from jealousy and make everyone happy.

  • Why praise and not criticism brings greater results and much more reward.

  • Why Socialization Sharing teaches important life skills.

  • Why responsible freedom and pleasure are important to development

  • Many useful solutions to guide you through the first five years

Solutions to your problem areas that make parenting stress-free and a happier lifestyle

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