All children are different! | 2021

If you look around the families you know, chances are that the children are all different, with a different look and feel than their brothers and sisters. Often times you will notice a pattern according to their position in the family. A born child may be more thoughtful and reserved, a middle child is completely different, while the youngest may be open minded Courage and adventure.

Once my husband decided he would run a riding stables and a pony trekking center. The adopted children went back to their mother who was then married, so we only had 3 children again. The children thrived on fresh air and freedom, but my youngest daughter was then four completely fearless, and if someone sat her on either horse or ponies, she would happily ride her across the field Thelwill style.

On another occasion, not outdone by the older boys, she climbed scaffolding in the building next to the apartments by swinging to the next railing, and climbed up and up, but could not come down because her legs would not reach the steps; My husband had to rescue her quickly. She climbed anywhere and everywhere with absolutely no fear. Whereas my oldest daughter was more afraid of horses and my son wasn’t going near her and was much happier on his bike. This shows how different children can be.

Different dynamics within the family group can also affect the characteristics of your children. For example, you may be stricter with your first child when you settle into parenthood, while later on you may be more relaxed. Having other children or whether you have more or less time to spend with them can also make a difference. In addition, of course they all have their own characteristics and there is an ancient question of nature or nurture. Your main job as a parent is to develop the child’s strengths and guide them to be at their best; And to become healthy, happy adults who are responsible for their actions.

It would be a boring world if we were all the same, imagine if we all thought the same way and acted the same way. We will all be looking for the same jobs. You will soon learn to understand your little ones and know how they will react. Embrace their differences and enjoy their different personalities, help them develop in their own way and become members of a diverse community.

Source by Anne O’Dwyer

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