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We at will review RoseHosting in the current post. RoseHosting is a service of Rose Web Services LLC and has been a hosting provider since 2001. Founded in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, the company has its headquarters there to this day. Being one of the best American Managed VPS providers, it has all of its servers running from the St. Louis Data Center.

RoseHosting prides itself on being the first and only web hosting company in 2001 that offered commercial Linux virtual servers to the World and never overselling their services. They offer clients to pay exactly what they use as resources while not paying for such that they would not use. Offering real deals like that sets RoseHosting apart from some of its competitors. Aside from VPS and NVMe Host plans, several SSL deals and affiliate plans are offered on the table.

The Best Plans and Prices

RoseHosting has many plans with specified resources for different purposes. The plans vary in pricing, but you can successfully launch and keep a business running with VPS, Managed hosting, WordPress, Magento, Odoo, NVMe, and Cloud Dedicated plans. Below you will find specific data about the cheap plans for each category.

Managed Web Hosting – SSD Business Plan Review

5 Domains
FULLY MANAGED 24×7 Support
10 GB SSD Storage
1000 GB Data Transfer
Unlimited Autoresponders
Unlimited E-mail Accounts
Unlimited E-mail Aliases
20 Mailing Lists
20 Sub-Domains
20 MySQL DBs
Unlimited FTP Accounts

All is looking good with this plan, and for $13.45 a month, it seems like a good deal. However, there is no IP address that you get with it, and there is a cheaper plan in the category that is marked as Sold out. Your best bet is to contact RoseHosting about this and possibly wait out a better price tag.

Linux VPS Hosting – SSD 1 VPS Plan Review

1 CPU Cores
30 GB SSD Storage
2 TB Data Transfer
Dedicated/Static IP Address
Run Unlimited Websites/Apps
Control Panel from $5
Fully Managed Support
FULL Root Access
Let’s Encrypt SSL
FREE Weekly Backup

That is the cheapest strategy in the category, with which you get plenty of resources to work, and it seems to be on promotion currently. If all the specifics satisfy your needs, buy the plan, and try it out at the current price of $24.95 per month. It is the same as the WordPress suggested one, so if you are after running WordPress websites, this is an ideal start for you.

Cloud Dedicated Server – 1/4 SERVER Plan Review

Latest Generation Xeon
14 CPU Cores
500 GB NVMe Disk
3 TB Data Transfer
1 IP Address
FREE DirectAdmin
Free Fully Managed 24×7 Support

At $299 a month, this plan is not for everybody, but for significant businesses that require heavy loads and want the least downtime possible, as having things running at all times is crucial.

Managed NVMe VPS Hosting – NVMe 1GB Plan Review

1 CPU Cores
25 GB NVMe Storage
2 TB Data Transfer
Dedicated/Static IP Address
Run Unlimited Websites/Apps
Control Panel from $5
FREE Fully Managed Support
FULL Root Access
FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL
FREE Migration
FREE Weekly Backup

For $32.95 each month, you can try out the power of NVMe and see if this is the right service for you. With all of the features, you will receive with the plan, and we encourage you to see how it is and make a purchase if everything else is copacetic and fits your business agenda.

Managed Magento Hosting – SSD 2 VPS Plan Review

2 CPU Cores
50 GB SSD Storage
4 TB Data Transfer
Dedicated/Static IP Address
Run Unlimited Websites/Apps
Control Panel from $5
FREE Fully Managed Support
FULL Root Access
FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL
FREE Migration
FREE Weekly Backup

In case you want to run the best eCommerce platform with Magento, this plan will fit your requirements at $49.95 a month, and you will get double the resources from the cheapest WordPress strategy. This is absolutely suggested for an Odoo Managed service, with the same allocation of resources.

You can register and transfer domains and install SSL certificates from different brands directly from RoseHosting if you wish to do so. We suggest RapidSSL as it is the cheapest one at $25.85 for a single domain and will do no different than any other SSL certificate.

Talking with the Support and the Sales team behind the company might reveal even better deals that will save you money, so it is best to contact them by phone and discuss the plans’ most current pricing.

Available Coupons

RoseHosting has some coupons that can be added to save you money or take percentages off individual deals. You can find such discount coupons on particular websites every month, but be careful as some of the websites could fill your computer system with malware or perform suspicious actions. Telephoning RoseHosting or contacting them in another form should alleviate you from potential troubles regarding coupons.

We have found some discount coupons you could try using with your order:

Get 50% Discount on all Products – 50FIRST
Get 10% Off Annual Billing – YEARLY10 (code is on the official website)

Always dig around a company’s website you want to sign as your host provider, and if you do not find any discounts or coupons, contact the company and ask for these. Take note that the promos given above should work through December 2020 but might not trigger in 2021.

Services – Network, Data Center, Support & Uptime

RoseHosting is an exciting company as it has all its infrastructure run from its HQ Data Center in St. Louis, Missouri. Let us review the minimum resources of their servers available at all times:

2x Quad Xeon CPUs or better
128 GB of DDR4 system RAM or more
Gigabit Ethernet Ports or better
Enterprise-grade SSD and NVMe storage

RoseHosting has a support team that can be reached in several forms, be it online chat, over email, or by phone, on a 24/7 basis. Regardless of how you wish to contact them, they will be there to answer your queries at any hour of the day, all week long. Per our review, except for the exceptional support you will get guaranteed Uptime of 99.99% as a client with every plan.

You can also take advantage of the free Domain Name System (DNS) that RoseHosting provides. We review the DNS and name servers given by them as top-notch and worth using.

More information about the Network and Data Center provided below in quick review bullet points:

Located in St. Louis, Missouri – less than 100 miles from the population center of the US
Dual redundant Liebert air conditioning systems
Redundant dry fire extinguishing systems
Multiple 10 GigE, Gigabit and OC-3 connections through Verizon, Level3, Charter and CenturyLink
Redundant Gigabit Ethernet-based internal network, using Extreme Networks and Cisco equipment
Redundant, geographically dispersed connectivity to all of the world’s major backbones
Ultra-fast backbone connectivity – extremely low latency and low ping time

The Managed Support response time is promised to be around five minutes, and we review that high on our list and hope that it continues to be this way in the future. With Linux OS and SSD drives, there is little chance of errors appearing, and that alone should provide enough redundancy to maintain servers running with high uptime. So, in the end, that is a solid strategy, not needing further review.

Pros and Cons – Conclusion of Review

RoseHosting has been around the hosting circuit for nearly 20 years and with commercial Linux servers, no less. Providing many different plans for both individual clients and businesses alike, the company has proven to sustain its servers to run smoothly. Services are reliable, with a professional level of support that can be reached in many ways all days of the week.

Throughout our review, we have witnessed some minor things which we would like to see changed and improved, but overall we can say that the company does its job and does it well.

What We Like

  • An abundance of plans, with quick review for each of them.
  • 24/7 Support, reachable on multiple channels.
  • What Is Missing

  • The SSD Basic Plan from the Managed Web-Hosting deals seems to be sold out.
  • There could be better discounts and coupon promos, especially for the upcoming holidays.
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