Hostinger India Reviews 2022

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Today this article is going to be very important for you because it is a hostinger India reviews article.

If you are a blogger and have just started your blogging journey.

Hostinger India Reviews

Then you must be wondering which type of hosting might be right for you?

If you are not able to decide which hosting can be better and beneficial for you.

So this complete review is going to prove to be very beneficial for you.

In today’s time, there are many hosting companies on the internet that provide very good service.

But it is very difficult for any new blogger to decide which hosting is really good for him.

There are many reasons for this and the biggest reason is that he does not have the budget or has very little.

That is why he cannot take such expensive hosting in the beginning.

If there is any such problem with you, then you should not take any decision in a hurry.

Because there are many hosting companies that provide hosting at a low cost but their customer support and service is not good at all.

Due to many big problems such as servers, customer support and many more may have to be faced in the future.

That’s why I have given the review of hostinger.

Because Hostinger web hosting is very good and cheap according to your budget, its customer support is also very good.

This is such a great hosting that more than 32 million people are using it all over the world.

And the figures of those who use it are increasing day by day.

In this article, I have given a complete review of this web hosting.

In which I have told many important points, such as what is hosting?, its features, how to buy hosting from hostinger, advantages, and disadvantages, plans and pricing all are explained in detail.

Which Hostinger plan is best?

I am going to tell you the prices of all the web hosting plans of the hostinger.

With the help of which you can increase or decrease the hosting budget for your website according to you.

So here is the first plan price and last plan price list.

You can understand pricing

Hostinger Web Hosting Plan Price
Shared Web Hosting 79 – 279 Rs./ Monthly
Cloud Hosting 799 – 5099 Rs./ Monthly
WordPress Hosting India 99 – 899 Rs./ Monthly
cPanel Hosting 138 – 230 Rs./ Monthly
VPS Hosting 285 – 2999 Rs./ Monthly
Minecraft Hosting 639 – 2999 Rs./ Monthly
Cyberpanel VPS Hosting 285 – 2999 Rs./ Monthly

What is hostinger & Hostinger India

Hostinger is an American company founded in 2004.

Its name was “Hosting Media” in the early days, which was changed to “Hostinger” in 2011.

This successful company provides domain and web hosting at the lowest cost.

You get to see good discounts on all the plans of the hostinger.

That is why its price becomes much less than other web hosting companies.

Which is very good according to the budget of any new blogger.

Apart from this, the service of the hostinger is best as well as their customer support is also very excellent.

It also gives you a 99.9% off time guarantee which is a very good thing.

Other companies provide “c-panel”, while hostinger provides “h-panel”.

It is very easy to manage it, you can easily manage it even after seeing a few things.

If you are a new blogger and want to start your blogging journey, then hostinger is the best option for you.

I personally like this company very much if we talk about wave hosting.

Because my other website is built on this hosting.

In which I have never faced any problem till date.

That’s why I have brought you the review of the hostinger.

So that you can also get information and you can easily choose and buy hosting at a low price.

Now let us move towards its features.

Best features of Hostinger web hosting

Just like when you buy any important thing, you see all its features.

And when you understand the features of that particular product or service.

Only then do you think of purchasing it?

Similarly, before purchasing any hosting, you must definitely see its features.

I am saying this because it happens to many bloggers that they buy without looking at the features of any hosting and they have trouble later.

There are many features of hostinger,  but I am going to tell you about its most important features in this review.

Such as:

1. Strong website backup

In this, you get the feature of doing website backup and this thing is very good for you.

Because sometimes it happens that suddenly your website crashes due to some problem or the other.

When this happens, the data on your website becomes useless.

But if you have the facility of backup.

Then you can take a backup of your website and see if there is any such problem.

Then in that case you can leave some data on your website.

Apart from this, if ever your website is stolen by a hacker or a virus comes in it.

Then you can avoid the problem by deleting it and restoring the backup website again.

2. Provide SSD storage

In this hosting, you are provided SSD storage up to 200GB.

It can be more or less according to your plan, no unlimited storage is given in it.

The SSD storage of any plan is clearly written with the plan.

Many of the fraud hosting provider companies show something and give something else.

People have to face trouble in such a situation, but hostinger is a very cheap hosting provider and its service is also good.

3. One free domain

Just as you have a name, in the same way your website has a name, which if we call the URL address of the site.

And we also call it a domain name in simple language.

People can easily reach your website by typing your website name in the search engine.

When you create a website, the first thing you need is a domain name.

You can also purchase it with hosting or you can get it for free in Hostinger.

But by hostinger, you get it free with a “premium web hosting plan or business hosting plan”.

This offer is not made available to you with single web hosting.

If you take a single web hosting plan, then you have to buy the domain name separately.

4. Get a free SSL certificate

We already know that there are hackers on the internet who can easily hack your website.

There are many websites on the Internet that do business online.

That’s why they use “SSL certificates” to protect their websites from hackers.

By using such certificates, your website becomes secure.

SSL certificate is an encryption protocol that protects your website from hackers.

Google is also considered to be a ranking factor.

Google easily ranks the websites which have SSL certificates.

SSL certificate is available for free with all Hostinger plans.

Through this protocol, you create a secure connection with your website and internet browser.

In this way, your website and users’ data on your website also remain safe.

5. Free email accounts

Hostinger allows you to create an unlimited email account.

But for this, you have to select its “premium web hosting plan or business web hosting plan”.

Only one email account is available in the single web hosting plan.

If you need to create more email accounts then you should choose either a premium or business plan.

6. Provide unlimited bandwidth

Very often it happens that your site suddenly crashes.

There can be many reasons for this, but there is a direct reason or it happens that a lot of traffic comes to your website.

Due to this, the server of your website goes down.

But if you take Hostinger hosting then you will never have this problem.

You get 100GB bandwidth in its single web hosting plan.

And unlimited bandwidth is available in its premium and business web hosting plan.

If you take the plan of its unlimited bandwidth, then you get rid of the problem of server down due to high traffic on the website.

7. Easy website installation

If you purchase hostinger premium plans, then you get permission to post “hundreds of websites” inside them.

But you take a single web hosting plan, then you get to host only one website.

But if you take its premium web hosting plan or business web hosting plan, then you are allowed to install up to hundreds of websites, according to your need and budget, you can choose your plan.

8. Good customer support

Apart from being cheap and good, this web hosting also provides very good “customer support and service”.

In this, you get 24/7 customer support.

If any technical issues are coming to your website, then you can also contact them.

Shortly after contacting the Hostinger team fixes your technical issues.

Apart from this, you can send any question through chat or email, which reply to you after some time and answer your question.

9. 100% money-back guarantee

It is very rare that any web hosting company gives you a “money-back guarantee”.

But in Hostinger you get a money-back guarantee.

If you do not like the hosting from hostinger.

Then you have a chance to get your money back within 30 days.

The hostinger refunds you all your money.

It’s so good and even in fewer amounts, so you can try it once.

And you can get your money back if you don’t like it.

10. 99.9% uptime guarantee

Hostinger web hosting also gives you a “99.9% uptime guarantee” with all its plans.

Sometimes it happens that the server of your website keeps getting down again and again.

This happens when an issue comes up in your life.

Although all web hosting promises more uptime servers it does not happen.

You may have to face trouble later.

That’s why the server of the hostinger is good and fast.

Due to this, you do not face any such problem.

Hostinger web hosting advantage and disadvantage

You are getting so much information about Hostinger, so now you should also know about its advantages and disadvantages.

But as you know that something has its advantages as well as its disadvantages.

In the same way, you have come to the hostinger advantages, but some disadvantages are also seen.

In this Hostinger review, I have told you the advantages first and then told you about the disadvantages which are as follows.


  • -This company provides “H-panel” instead of “C-Panel”, whose interface is much simpler to use.
  • -In this, you also get the protection of “Cloudflare Protectant nameservers”.
  • -The Hostinger web hosting plan is very cheap which is very good for any beginner who begins his journey.
  • -In this, you get a free SSL certificate, which makes your website completely secure.
  • -When you take its premium plan, you also get a free domain in it.
  • -You get unlimited bandwidth in its premium web hosting plan and business web hosting plan.
  • -In this, you get 24/7 customer support and if there is any technical issue in your website, it is rectified by the hostinger as soon as possible.


  • -If you take Hostinger single web hosting plan, then you do not get a free domain.
  • -You do not get free CDN in its single and premium web hosting plan, when you take its business web hosting plan then you get free CDN.
  • -Dedicated server is also not available in this.
  • -In the Hostinger business web hosting plan, you are given the facility of daily backup, this facility is not available in any other plan.

Other important hostinger India reviews features

Now that you have known so many important features, Hostinger. 

Then you should also know about its additional features.

We already know that Hostinger provides so many features in its normal service.

With the help of which we need these additional features very rarely.

But it happens many times that we need some additional features according to our need which we have to purchase.

That is why I am telling you about its additional features here so that if you ever need them in the future, then you already know them.

1. E-mail

When you go to the official Indian website( of the hostinger.

Hostinger India Reviews

You will get the email option on the right side of the hosting option at the top.

After this, if you click on that option, then you get to see the subcategories.

In the first category, the first option is Google workplace email hosting and the second option is Titan email hosting.

Now let us try to understand these two options in-depth.

Google workplace email hosting

This option is a paid and advanced option of email service, which was earlier also known as “G Suite“.

But then Google later changed its name to “Google Workplace”.

As you all know that this is a paid service, so you get to see many features and facilities in it.

If you are a medium blogger and your website is performing well on the search engine.

And you only want the user to submit an email id on your website.

But you should have good storage for that.

That’s why if you want to simplify the way of emailing.

Then you can take Google Workplace Email Hosting.

In this, you get 30GB of email storage space, which is enough even for an established blogger.

Along with this, 99% protection is available from Smart Reply, Smart Compose, Grammar Suggestion, and Baalveer Attack.

Many such features are given if you buy its ₹ 222 monthly plan.

Titan email hosting

When you have known the first option, then you should also know its second option.

If seen, Titan email hosting is exactly the same as Google workplace email hosting.

The only difference between these two is that Google Workplace Email Hosting is provided by Google but Titan Email Hosting is provided by a mail service.

Its mail service is also paid, many features are also seen in it.

Some features like Google Workplace but some are different.

Here you get two types of plans, the first plan is the business email plan and the second plan is the enterprise email plan.

Some of its important features:

In its business plan, you get 10GB of email storage.

30GB is available in its Enterprise Email plan.

Apart from this, you get features like rich webmail, antivirus check, multiple device support, etc.

If we talk about its pricing, then the price of the email plane is ₹ 69 per month.

On the other hand, talking about its enterprise email plan, it is ₹ 79 a month.

2. Domain

When you have come to know about your email well.

Then it is very important to know about its domain.

Hostinger India Reviews

You will get to see the domain option on the right side of the email.

When you click on it, its 3 subcategories will open.

In this, there is a “domain checker” in the first option, “Whois database” in its second option, and in the third option you get “domain transfer”.

Let’s understand such options more deeply.

Domain checker

You already know that domain and hosting are needed to build a website.

In this web hosting, you get the option of a domain checker.

Using this you can search for a unique domain name for your website.

By the way, you get a free domain while making a plan.

But you can easily search for a unique domain from here and you can add this domain to the domain option while purchasing hosting.

Whois database

You only get the option of the “Whois database” in the domain of the additional feature.

There is a type of online protocol with the help of which you can get a lot of information about “any domain”.

When you click on this option, a search bar opens in front of you.

When you search by typing any URL in that search bar.

Then you get complete information about that website.

In important information, you get to know what name the domain is, who owns it when the domain will expire when the domain was registered, the name of the server of the domain, and its IP address.

Apart from this, you get all the contact information of the owner of that website such as phone number, email, address, etc.

When you use this option, you get another biggest advantage and that is that you get the correct information about fraud domain, credit card fraud, malware domain, etc.

Because of this, you will get rid of this problem.

Apart from this, when you search for a domain, it is not available.

Then you see ‘No match’ written on the screen.

In this way, you can easily get complete and correct information about any new & old domain by using this option.

Domain transfer

By reading its name, you can understand that it is talking about transferring the domain.

If you want to send the domain, then you can park your domain on the domain selling website.

we also called it “domain parking”.

When someone wants to buy that domain of yours, then he contacts you.

If you want to transfer that domain to that person.

Then you can easily transfer your domain with the help of this domain transfer option.

When you transfer your domain, you lose the authority of that domain.

Which means that you are no longer the owner of that domain.

You do not have rights on that domain and this authority gets to that person.

Best hosting company for new blogger

Do you already know that there are many hosting provider companies in the online world?

Which have different plans, features, and prices.

Many new bloggers do not have good knowledge of hosting and they buy cheaper hosting from any company.

After this, they have to face trouble later.

That is why it is important that you first get complete information about hosting.

After that, think about purchasing better hosting.

Well, there are many companies that provide hosting.

The most important among them is the hosting provider company.

But I like Hostinger web hosting because this company provides high good discounts.

Because of which this hosting is very cheap compared to another hosting.

Any new blogger has a small budget, so he cannot buy any expensive hosting in the beginning.

That’s why Hostinger’s hosting is absolutely the best option for them.

That’s why I thought that you should give a review of Hostinger which can prove to be a beneficial thing for needy people.

Plans and pricing

Now you know that Hostinger is a very good and cheap web hosting.

If you do not believe me, then you can try and compare hostinger with another web hosting.

After this, you can easily purchase whatever you like.

By the way, Hostinger provides you with cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, and VPS hosting along with shared hosting.

I will tell you about shared hosting here because it is very cheap and good for any new blogger.

In this you get 3 plans:

  • -Single web hosting plan Rs.79/month.
  • -Premium web hosting plan Rs.179/month
  • -Business web hosting plan Rs.279/month
Features Single Web Hosting Premium Web Hosting Business Web Hosting
Websites 100  100
SSD Storage 30 GB 100 GB 200 GB
Visits Monthly 10000 25000 100000
Free Email Accounts 1 100 100
SSL Certificate Free Free Free
Free Domain No Yes Yes
Bandwidth 100 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Managed WordPress Yes Yes Yes
WordPress Acceleration Yes Yes Yes
Databases 2 Unlimited Unlimited
30 Days Money Back Guarantee Yes Yes Yes
Backups Weekly Weekly Daily
Free CDN No No Yes
24/7/365 Support Yes Yes Yes
99.9% Uptime Guarantee Yes Yes Yes
Subdomains 2 100 100
FTP Account 1 Unlimited Unlimited
DNS Management Yes Yes Yes
Access Manager Yes Yes Yes
Cloudflare Protected Nameservers Yes Yes Yes

This I told about shared hosting which is very good for a beginner blogger.

But if your budget is better and you want to buy a good one.

So you can buy any hosting from Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, and WordPress Hosting.

Let us see here by comparison in the table of all this.

So that you can choose any hosting according to your budget.

Features Shared Hosting Cloud Hosting VPS Hosting WordPress Hosting
SSD Storage 100 GB 250 GB 40 GB 100 GB
Bandwidth 100 GB Unlimited 2 TB Unlimited
Free Email Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Domain Yes Yes Yes Yes
30 Days Money Back Guarantee Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Database Yes Yes No Yes
24/7 Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free SSL Yes Yes No Yes
99.9% Uptime Guarantee Yes Yes Yes Yes

Hostinger web hosting Step by step process

By reading this review so far, you have understood what is hosting?

What are its advantages and disadvantages?

What are its features and how much are its plan and price.

If you are a newbie blogger and want to purchase hosting.

Then I will tell you the complete process of filing a case against hostinger.

I have already told you that Hostinger is one of the best hosting sites for the new blogger.

And in this, the most famous and portable plan is shared hosting.

That’s why I tell you the step-by-step process of shared hosting.

You read all its steps carefully and do not ignore any step by mistake.

Otherwise, you will have some problems purchasing hosting.

Its step-by-step process is as follows.

  • -First of all, go to “Google” and search the bar and type ‘hostinger. in’.
  • -After searching, the SERP page will come in front of you.
  • -Open Hostinger website.
  • -When you open the website, you will see the hosting option on the top.
  • -Click on it, then hosting options will come in front of you.
  • -You can select the type of hosting you want to take.
  • -I am telling you about shared hosting, so you can select it.

Hostinger India Reviews

-After selecting Shared Hosting, when you scroll down the page a bit, you will see its three plans.

Hostinger India Reviews

  • -You can choose any plan in the hostinger according to your pocket limitation.
  • -You have to select your plan by clicking on “Add to Cart”.
  • -By doing this a new page will open in front of you.
  • -Here you have to select the time of your plan, you can select the number of months you want here.

Hostinger India Reviews

  • -Then you can scroll down and click on the option of “free domain”, here you can search your domain and see if it is available then you can select it.
  • -After this, you will get the option of Green Color “Submit to secure” on the right side, click on it.
  • -When you click on the Checkout now option, you get the option to “sign up”, here you can also sign up with your Gmail ID, apart from this you can sign up with Facebook.

Hostinger India Reviews

-As soon as you sign up, you get the option to “make payment”, you can select the option.

Hostinger India Reviews

-As soon as you select, some options come in front of you, here you have to give some important information, such as your address, city, after GSTIN, now you can click on Continue.

Hostinger India Reviews

With these simple steps, you can easily purchase both domain and hosting.


Now that you have read my hostinger India reviews thoroughly.

You must have known how Hostinger is different from other web hosting companies.

At the present, more than 15000+ people sign up and buy web hosting every single day from hostinger.

A very good discount is available on its plans.

Due to this, the web hosting of the hostinger is very cheap.

“Shared web hosting” is a very cheap plan which a new blogger should buy.

In this you do not get a C-Panel, because of this you get an “H-panel” which is very user-friendly.

I also use hosting for many of my other websites.

That’s why I have written this review for you.

So you can easily buy hosting by following the step-by-step process of buying a shared web hosting from hostinger.

I hope you liked my article.

If you found this article helpful even a bit, then do share it with needy people.

If you have any problem then you can comment on it.

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Why is hostinger bad?

Its most common plan is “shared web hosting“, which means that the server of your website will be connected with the server of other people’s websites.
The worst thing about this is that because of this the speed of your website is impacted.
Because other people also use the same server of your website.

What are the pros and cons of hostinger?

-When you take its premium plan, you also get a free domain in it.
-You get unlimited bandwidth in its premium web hosting plan and business web hosting plan.
Dedicated server is also not available in this.
-In the Hostinger business web hosting plan, you are given the facility of daily backup, this facility is not available in any other plan.

Is hostinger website is genuine?

Hostinger provides very good web hosting, in which you get more light and fast speed.
The best thing is that you get full-time customer support.
So far, the price of his web hosting is also very less than that of another web hosting.
The best place to put your money is the right place.

Is hostinger good for India?

As seen, most of the Indian bloggers have very little money in the beginning.
Therefore, hosting by hostinger is considered to be quite an affordable web hosting.
-Because it gets a free domain
-Their support system is available 24/7.
-It gives a free SSL certificate as well as a money-back guarantee.

How good is hostinger?

Many hosting experts believe that hosting is a very good web hosting service.
In this, the company is giving you a ‘99.9% server uptime rate’ with a guarantee.
That’s why you can choose hostinger to build your website.

Is hostinger Indian company?

Hostinger is an American company that was established in 2004.
Its old name was “Hosting Media” but it was changed to hosting separately in 2011.
In today’s time, along with web hosting, the company is also providing VPS, cloud hosting service, and domain registration.

Which server location is best for India in Hostinger?

If your question is which is the best server for an Indian hostinger then you should prefer the “Singapore server”.
Because the nearest server location is in India, which is considered the best for the hostinger.


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