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What is BT TV?

BT TV combines a smart TV box, premium channel options and Freeview broadcasts to offer a flexible and affordable TV service which can be customised to suit your budget.

Simply follow the link below which will take you to BT’s amazing TV deals. Or read on to find out more.

What do I get with a BT broadband and TV bundle?

BT TV and broadband packages include:


BT TV is available with ADSL broadband up to 17Mb, and fibre optic broadband up to 52Mb or 76Mb. The choice will depend on broadband availability in your area.

Phone line

An active phone line is required for the broadband service. The price may include some inclusive calls, or you can opt for free anytime calling for a small extra fee.

BT TV package

Your TV bundle includes a BT TV YouView box and one of three BT TV packages offering a variety of channels and extra content.

Free extras

BT TV and broadband deals include the following free extras:

  • BT Sport
  • BT Cloud storage
  • Unlimited BT Wi-Fi

What is the BT TV YouView box?

As well as receiving Freeview broadcasts, the BT TV YouView box gives access to premium channels, and streaming and catch-up TV such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer. The YouView box can pause and rewind live TV, and some models include a hard drive for recording.

The type of YouView box you receive with your entertainment bundle will depend on your package. The entry level BT TV packages will come with the basic YouView set top box, whereas more expensive deals come with YouView+ which offer recording and Ultra HD access.

The basic YouView box has a single tuner and supports rewinding and pausing live TV for up to thirty minutes. YouView+ includes two tuners and either a 500GB or 1TB hard drive for storing recorded TV shows. The dual tuners also mean that you can record one show while watching another, or record two shows at the same time.

What channels can I get with BT TV?

As well as Freeview channels such as BBC, Channel 4, Dave and Film4, BT TV also shows premium content, including:

  • BT Sport
  • Discovery
  • AMC
  • SyFy
  • Comedy Central
  • Gold

The channels in your line-up will vary depending on the selected TV package.

What makes BT TV different to Freeview?

While BT TV does include all the Freeview channels, you also get the option of premium channels like those found on satellite and cable TV, integrated catch-up and streaming, and  movies and TV shows to rent or buy. The BT TV YouView is more advanced than many Freeview boxes, too, with live pause and rewind, recording and catch-up TV integrated into the planner.

What should I look for when comparing BT TV deals?

TV package

The entry level BT TV Starter pack includes a basic YouView box (with live pause/rewind but no recording) and is a good option if you just want a cheap TV deal with the option to add channels later. The other packages provide more channels on the top of the Freeview line-up.


BT TV is available with speeds of 17Mb, 52Mb or 76Mb. Choose a package that’s appropriate to your needs – our guide to broadband speeds can provide more help.


You’ll be committed to paying for the service for this length of time, and cancelling early incurs a fee.

Phone line

The phone package may include some inclusive calls. If you frequently use the phone, anytime calling can be added.

Monthly price

The fixed monthly cost including broadband, phone and TV. It does not include extras such as premium channel add-ons or phone calls.

Special offers

BT TV packages are often available with free gifts, including shopping vouchers and pre-paid credit cards.

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